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Brighter Green and Humane Society International Publish COP 20 Policy Recommendations 12/4/14

Brighter Green and Humane Society International published a policy recommendation document on animal agriculture and climate change for the COP 20 meeting in Lima, Peru. You can access the document here.

Brighter Green Releases Summary on Forthcoming Nature's Rights Paper 10/14/14

Brighter Green released a summary of a forthcoming nature's rights paper entitled Nature's Rights: Rivers, Trees, Whales, and Apes.

Jim Harkness Positively Reviews "What's For Dinner?" 10/6/14

Jim Harkness Senior Advisor on China at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy positively reviews "What's For Dinner?" and interviews Executive Director Mia MacDonald.

Brighter Green Associate Interviewed by "Eating Animals" Director, Christopher Quinn 9/29/14

Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou was interviewed by Eating Animals director Christopher Quinn. BG also provided Mr. Quinn Chinese contacts, including What's For Dinner? director Jian Yi, for the film.

Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou interviewed by Our Hen House 7/23/14

Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou was interviewed by Our Hen House on Brighter Green's What's For Dinner? and China screening tour in June and July 2014.

Brighter Green and Partner Global Forest Coalition Published in "Square Brackets" 7/1/14

Brighter Green and partner Global Forest Coalition published their article "Implementing Aichi Target 3 in the livestock sector" in "Square Brackets: CBD Newsletter for Civil Society".

Brighter Green Releases June 2014 Newsletter 6/27/14

Brighter Green releases its June 2014 newsletter highlighting achievements and events in the first part of 2014. You can view the newsletter here.

Brighter Green Launches "What's For Dinner?" China Screening Tour 6/15/14

Brighter Green launches the China tour of the short documentary film "What's For Dinner?". The film is screened in multiple cities through July 2014 and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang province. To learn more please click here.

Brighter Green Presents at the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption 6/11/14

Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou presented her paper, "The Triangle: Factory Farming in the U.S., China and Brazil" in Shanghai, China at the Global Research Forum on Production and Consumption.

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Winding Down (the Climate?) at the Durban Conference

December 8, 2011 2:58am
Wangari Maathai and Achim Steiner

Wangari Maathai and Achim Steiner at the launch, 12.5 billion trees ago

Seen at the climate conference in its waning days: lots of young people from all over the world wearing T-shirts emblazoned with "I [heart] KP," as in the Kyoto Protocol. News comes this a.m... however, that the KP may well be the dearly departed—dead but not quite buried (T-shirts are still visible). Last night I saw the adolescent German kid who'll take over the global Billion Tree Campaign in an underground parking lot after a lavish UNEP event with Monaco's green prince, Albert, and UNEP head Achim Steiner, to mark the campaign's success: conceived by Wangari Maathai, 12.5 billion trees have been planted world-wide as a result of it. Felix, the indomitable tree-planter, was wearing his Billion Tree vest and chasing even younger South African kids while holding a watering can. I'm not quite sure what he was watering, since this was a very human-centered landscape.

This a.m. I saw more youth action, of a sort. The young man (maybe an adolescent, too) at the "Wizard Worms" compost exhibit was texting away as his worms, protected by newspaper, did their work. Let's hope the government delegates do theirs. When I entered the conference center today, I heard "the change that is needed" being intoned by another government representative (via closed circuit TV). As I walked on, I wondered, rather cynically I'll admit, is anybody still really listening?

Photo by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)